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World Crisis in the Making

"[T]here is an ending we have to confront. Once we've honestly faced the crises, then we can deal with what is ending--not all the world, but the systems that currently structure our lives. Life as we know it is, indeed, coming to an end."
--Robert Jensen, in "Why Radical is the New Normal", in the Summer, 2013 issue of yes!

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Major foci of the crisis:

Energy descent (The best case)

Economic collapse (The worst case)

Climate change (which may do us all in)


Peak oil

What to do about all the people?

How to live in crisis:

Title Author, etc. Medium Topic Library Description
Blind Spot Adolfo Doring Video Crisis Kl Co "What if all the expectations you have about the future are completely wrong?" A tour-de-force with Richard Feinberg, William Catton, Kenneth Deffeyes, Joseph Tainter, Bill McKibben, Lester Brown, James Hansen, David Korten, many others.
CultureQuake Burr, Chuck Book New vision Kl Co Your child's real future
Depletion and Abundance: Life on the New Homefront Sharon Astyk Book Liv Sust; Crisis KSC Astyk's introduction is pricelss in its succinct, dead-on analysis of collapse, and is reason enough to buy and send this book to everyone you know who is partially or completely clueless about where we're headed.
eaarth Bill McKibben Book General; Envir; Living sust. Kl Co Making a life on a tough new planet
The End of Suburbia unclear Video Living Sust. Kl Co Oil Depletion and the collapse of the American Dream
The Geography of Nowhere Kunstler, James H. Book Living Sust. Kl Co The rise and decline of America's man-made suburban landscape
The Post Carbon Reader Gilbert / Perl Book Crisis; energy desc. Kl Co Subtitled "Managing the 21st century's sustainability crises"
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