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"The key to life is not accumulation but contribution -- not building up material goods but service to others."
-- Steven Covey, in The 3rd Alternative

In 2014, Proctor and Gamble alone spent practically $5 billion dollars to tell you how to think. Beware what you let into your mind.
-- Web statistic

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Information sources

  • Design Outlaws strives to promote non-conventional thinking, courageous vision, and positive actions in ways relevant to the ecological design community. They have published a video and a book describing their ideas. Both are available at the Kl Co Libe.
  • Mother Earth News, probably the grandmother of sustainable publications, has gone digital. In addition to their web-index of past articles, they now offer both digital and paper subscriptions. Community-building is one of their important goals.
  • Free "Wiser Living" guides from Mother Earth News. There are quite a few of them, covering areas of interest to people living a self-reliant life style.
  • Northwest Earth Institute is recognized as a national leader in the development of innovative programs that empower individuals and organizations to transform culture toward a sustainable and enriching future [but their publicity is full of NewSpeak!].

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