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Community - The Piece that Enables All the Rest

"When an old woman dies, a library burns to the ground."
-- a proverb from Mali

"When an old man dies, everyone says, 'Whew!' At last that's over!"
-- anon.

"The storyteller reached into her boot and took out a pack of cards. Without looking, as though she knew the cards by feel, she took one out: a primitive woodcut of a man, laughing gleefully in the midst of a wrecked house. The storyteller's fingertip touched the red symbol stamped on one corner. 'This glyph means fate, or chance. The Laughing Man's actions are so unexpected, and their effect so profound, that his victims think it is a bitter joke. He destroys everything -- even trust and hope. But there is one power that can counteract his.' She took out another card: a circle of people, arm in arm. 'Fellowship,' she said."
-- Laurie Marks, in Earth Logic, p. 255

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